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Our greatest strength is that we are not all the same. Diversity should be embraced and celebrated, but school districts and communities must acknowledge that differences and privileges exist to do so.  A school district's responsibility is to provide teachers with the appropriate tools to cultivate and create an equitable and inclusive environment. 


Teachers should feel supported by the School Board to conduct age-appropriate instruction through a lens of diversity. This goes hand-and-hand with the mission of the district of 'Preparing Students for Tomorrow, Today." By being intentional in regards to diversity, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance are promoted. 


I may not always use the correct terminology as it constantly evolves, and I may not always do the right thing due to a lack of awareness. Still, I can assure you that I always observe, ask questions, and research to stay current and to create safe-spaces. Being culturally proficient is an ongoing process where I am continuously learning to do better. 

Culturally Responsive Teaching


Culturally responsive teaching is "a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students' cultural references in all aspects of learning (Ladson-Billings,1994). 


Culturally responsive teaching empowers students inside and outside of the classroom. 


Within culturally responsive teaching, teachers need to examine their own belief systems and not convey judgment or push their personal opinions. Our teachers in the LCSD do a phenomenal job of this while encouraging and teaching students to think and evaluate critically. 


Inclusive Language Guide

Understanding of Demographics

Data helps the board identify trends in the community & district.


Assess Equity

What policies and supports are needed to create equity for all?

How do our current practices impact all learners?

Clear Vision

Success for every child.

Continous evaluation of ways to improve learning for all. 

Continuous Progress Monitoring

What are we doing to improve learning for all?

Assessment & evaluation of programs, practices, and outcomes.

Follow the Science


Follow the Science


I recruited the following doctors for the

COVID Medical Advisory Board:

Dr. Paul Spearman,

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Director,

Division of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Patricia Manning, 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Chief of Staff,

Attending Physician,

Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics,

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Stephanie Weber,

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Training Director,

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) Program,

Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Dr. Virigina Utz,

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Division of Pediatrics,

Board Certified, Associate Professor, UC Health

Proactive, not reactive. 

Around the country, we are seeing the real human impact of inaction and delay in taking all the precautionary measures available to schools to protect the children in their care.  This virus is not something that cares about opinion and debate, and we cannot afford to continue to rely on luck and good fortune to keep our children and staff safe while the Delta variant spreads around us.  It is our responsibility to err on the side of caution when it comes to the very lives of the children in our care. 

Anti-mask politicization is based upon a fundamentally flawed, and selfish, idea of "freedom." As citizens, we have seatbelt and child seat laws, speed limits, and bans on smoking in workplaces and restaurants, to name just a few public health and safety regulations. Before Covid-19 became politicized, we collectively seemed to understand and accept the importance of public health and safety - even if and when it required some degree of personal sacrifice. 

With all of our supported Counties now being rated in the highest risk category for transmission of this virus, now is NOT the time to choose to disregard medical guidance and recommended best practices for mitigation. If we do, then I would argue we are indeed each personally responsible for any negative outcomes or tragedy that result, because we had the information and ability to prevent it and yet we willingly chose to turn our heads and allow it to happen.

Therefore as the leading professional and medical voices around us urge universal mask-wearing to combat the spread and protect children in our schools to allow us to continue in-person instruction, I am strongly in favor of a policy of mandatory mask-wearing indoors, in all grades and buildings, K-12. The time for action is now.  

Proactive, not reactive. 

Nation's Children's Hospitals Statement

Do Masks Impair Children's Social and Emotional Development?

Worried masks can interfere with kid's face-reading? Research says they won't.

A New Round of Rising COVID-19 Numbers

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