It's a common question:  Why run for re-election?

"Why wouldn't I?" might be the better question. I wish to serve because I feel strongly about the importance and excellence of public education and Loveland City Schools in preparing our future generations for a productive adult life.


I believe in a public education system that empowers, encourages, and supports our students each year from Preschool to graduation to achieve to the highest levels they are individually capable, through a culture of high expectations and an infrastructure of effective and diverse support.  I have worked for this as a parent of two students in the district, and I believe my experiences, both within the school system and through my professional teaching career, can bring value to the district as a whole.


I see Loveland as a great district, but I believe there is still work to do to ensure the best outcomes for our students once they leave Loveland and compete on a national and international stage. I feel personally motivated to continue the work that has been started and to keep the focus on all students and their paths forward.


A Bit About Me...

A Positive Perspective

I place an exceptionally high value on public education. It can be said that I have been involved with public education in one way or another my entire life. Within Loveland specifically, I have been involved with, and exposed to, a significant breadth of school programs and situations (as listed below). It is through this unique combination of experiences, combined with my professional educational background, that I believe I provide a unique perspective to the District.


Working for better public education has simply been part of my life for as long as I can remember.


Professional experience

17+ Years of experience in education

  • Educator, English as a Second Language, Lakota West High School ( 2019- current)​

  • Educator, English, Lakota West High School (2015-2019)

  • Educator, English, Princeton High School (2004-2015)


  • BA (English), The Ohio State University

  • M.Ed. (Secondary Education), Xavier University

  • TESOL Endorsement - Xavier University 


LCSD Involvement

Involvement with Loveland Schools over the years

  • Loveland Board of Education Member since 2018

  • Student Experience Committee

  • Loveland Educating Against Alcohol and Drugs (LEAAD)

  • Community Planning Commission 

  • Treasurer Search Committee

  • Student Representative Interviews & Appointments

  • My children are involved in Orchestra, Football, Soccer, Runners Club, and Student Council

  • I have been involved with children under the Gifted program and part of the AP and post-secondary dual enrollment programs

Organizational Memberships & Other Experiences

Involvement with organizations outside Loveland Schools